Go Eat Braaaaains


Go Eat Worms has gone Zombie for Halloween! I’ve broken free of the dirt, and I’m craving braaaaains!  Halloween being my favorite time of year, I could not help but get into the spirit. Rustling of crispy leaves, and ghosts whistling in the wind, if you listen. The veil is thin and faeries make their mischief. I’m an October baby and autumn has always been my happy place, and it is a place. I’ve kept busy going to Renaissance Fairs, blowing out birthday candles, and sipping hot apple cider.

It’s been a busy fall and luckily I’ve managed to fit in some creative time. On twitter I stumbled upon a crochet challenge which was perfect for me; The Grim Wreather Challenge from the folks at The Crochet Crowd, and sponsored by Lion Brand Yarn. The goal is simple; make a Halloween wreath covered in yarn, with 4 individual crocheted items. In the past I’d been more into knitting, however after a crochet hat request from a coworker, I decided to delve more into the craft, and I’m loving it! It’s something deliciously simple I can do while watching my way through TV on Netflix. It’s almost zen-like. After perusing pinterest for inspiration, this is the wreath I created. It was a fun little project, I can’t wait to delve into more creative crochet soon.

Grim Wreather Challenge

halloween wreath


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